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Working with Tamera feels like a conversation with that one friend you can tell anything to. In six weeks I had several moments where a simple shift in perspective alleviated so much stress and tension in my life.  One of the things I love about her coaching is that her wisdom comes from a place of experience.   If you want a safe space to share, work through your barriers, and laugh you’ve come to the right place
Lauren S.
Knows if You're Flossing
I've tried many things to help, but I've never been fully successful. Tamera has this really remarkable ability to help me get to the true root of whatever issue I'm facing QUICKLY so that I can start working to heal it right away.
She helps me to shift my thinking so that I can tackle a problem from a completely different angle. My favorite part of our sessions is that "Aha moment" when I understand why I've been repeating behaviors and how I can finally change. She has given me so much hope for my future.
Heather M.
Wears Many Hats
Tamera has always had the gift of effectively coaching others. She has made the entire process very convenient, she is organized, collected, to the point and most importantly meets you where you are. Through her Coaching program I have learned how to redirect my thoughts. She taught me that people are allowed to be who they are and the way they act or react doesn't define who I am or what I can achieve.
Renee P.
Super Mom Academy
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