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My Story

Hey!  I’m Tamera.  I’m the Relationship Expert that helps women that feel triggered by their parent(s) and want to have a healthier relationship.

As a child, I bounced from home to home and became queen of putting up a wall and not letting people in.  After 20 years of emotional brick-laying and bridge-burning, I realized I was alone.  I knew that I was the common denominator in all my relationships and if I didn’t figure out what to do I was going to end up divorced…again.

I picked up my first book on relationships and kick-started my life-passion by working in my marriage.  Our marriage went from “let’s get a divorce” said almost daily to a complete 180 of getting to do life with my best friend.

I thought I had done a lot of healing from my past until we moved my mother in with us.  I quickly realized that I still had triggers that brought up some feels and I reacted out of anger.  Of course, that shortly followed guilt and became a nasty cycle.  I was desperate to have a healthy relationship with my mom and turned to the same tools that vastly improved my marriage.

Throughout the years I have continued my education and fascination with people and relationships.  

* I have 10+ years of relationship and behavioral change experience. 

* A Bachelor of Behavioral Science.

* Behavioral Change Specialist certification.

* Certified Life Coach.

* Relationship Mentoring certification.

* Serving hundreds of clients over the years.

* I once lived in a 300 sqft RV with my husband and son for 3 years.

* We are a retired military family.

When I am not working, I am solving tv crime with my husband.  I love hanging out with our friends (we play board games…shhh!).  I have also been known to listen to podcasts all day long.  My son could recite pretty much every intro from my favorites.

I know, first hand, how easy it is to feel overwhelmed with information while trying to heal.  I promise to keep it super simple and lead you through a step-by-step process.