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hey friend!

I’m Tamera. WELCOME!   I am going to help you lose 20lbs easily….and keep it off.  

Weight loss has been one of those things that I made so difficult.  Maybe you have too.  I’d put myself on a strict diet, have MAJOR success and then gain it all back because what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.   

As I started getting older, I could never stay on those diets.  So here I was, well over 200 lbs suffering with depression and anxiety…totally disgusted with my body.  

I was so sick of buying bigger clothes and overwhelmed by having a closet full of clothes that ranged from size 4 to size 16.  I would feel like I had nothing to wear so I resorted to yoga pants all the times.  

I have tried all the diets.  I mean all of them.  At the at of 37 I decided that I was no longer going to diet.  I started asking myself better questions and I committed to showing up for myself.  That’s it.

Could weight loss really be this simple?  Yes, my friend.  It really is that simple.    

How to say NO and Feel Good About it.

Saying no is one of the hardest things my clients struggle with.
Your plate is full and someone asks you to do something. You don’t want to disappoint them so you say yes. It may be something you kinda like doing but not really love doing it.  Eventually, it gets to the point that you are wasting time that could have been used to do what you love doing. You may even feel resentment.
Sometimes you may be on the spot and want to think of any reason to say no but either none comes to your mind or you get the stink face because you totally suck at lying (this is me) and you try to word vomit some kind of excuse but the words “sure” come out of your mouth.
 I have done this so many times in the past but learned that it is just not good for me or for them.
There is a way to politely decline without feeling bad:
1) Thank them for thinking of you. It is such an honor to have someone know that you do something well.
2) Decline with no excuse.
3) Move forward with confidence

Self Development unicorns

I always see successful people doing personal development on a daily basis and I think, “when could they possibly do it?”.  Then I discovered podcasts.  
Podcasts are a friggin’ life saver for me.  Currently, but not for long, we live in the armpit of IL and spend a lot of time in the car.  While listening to the radio is a great mood changer, I decided that I really want to use my  time wisely.   At the time of discovering podcasts I was a mom, step mom, wife, full time student (18 credits), running my business and could not imagine putting more reading on my list of to-do’s.
Besides time limits, I love listening to podcast in the car because I am not distracted by dishes, laundry, work, dogs or anything else that I am normally doing at home.  I want to share some of my favorite podcasts with you, in no particular order:
1) Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea  (Social Media/Business)
2) The Life Coach School  (Personal/Professional Growth)
3) Marie Forleo (Personal/Professional, funny but occasionally you may hear an “F” Bomb or two) 
4) The Chalene Show (Life)
5) Marriage Today (pretty explanatory, haha)


I hope you enjoy them and would love to hear if you have any favorites!  

Morning Routines

How to prevent overwhelm as soon as you open your eyes.

One of my recent clients really struggled with a morning routine. As soon as her eyes opened she would look at her phone.

I don’t know about you but when I do this, I immediately start feeling overwhelmed and stress about all the to-dos on my list.

I happened to recall a book called The Miracle Morning and offered the information to her. 

It is what the photo is about.

Now, each day for me is different. Some days I have church events, some days I have clients, some days I have a very tight schedule and so the amount of time I put into each area is different.

Creating a routine is so important for us, for children and especially for business or all of the above.

This isn’t the only way to establish a routine but this should help get the wheels spinning. 

I have been learning the value of running my morning and not letting my morning run me. It took a couple of weeks to get consistent.

My routine has been to:
Listen to a Podcast while in the car
***Then my day gets started.

I have already filled my mind with affirming what God has said about me, visualizing what that looks like, took care of my temple by working out and filled my mind with positive and encouraging audio. 

How does your day start out? 
How would you like it to start out?

people talk

Working with Tamera feels like a conversation with that one friend you can tell anything to. In six weeks I had several moments where a simple shift in perspective alleviated so much stress and tension in my life.  One of the things I love about her coaching is that her wisdom comes from a place of experience.   If you want a safe space to share, work through your barriers, and laugh you’ve come to the right place
Lauren S.
Knows if You're Flossing
I've tried many things to help, but I've never been fully successful. Tamera has this really remarkable ability to help me get to the true root of whatever issue I'm facing QUICKLY so that I can start working to heal it right away.
She helps me to shift my thinking so that I can tackle a problem from a completely different angle. My favorite part of our sessions is that "Aha moment" when I understand why I've been repeating behaviors and how I can finally change. She has given me so much hope for my future.
Heather M.
Wears Many Hats
Tamera has always had the gift of effectively coaching others. She has made the entire process very convenient, she is organized, collected, to the point and most importantly meets you where you are. Through her Coaching program I have learned how to redirect my thoughts. She taught me that people are allowed to be who they are and the way they act or react doesn't define who I am or what I can achieve.
Renee P.
Super Mom Academy
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